Lecture 2 - Salam Distinguished Lectures 2017

January 26, 2017 by Michael Berry

Title: "Superoscillations: unexpected fine detail and extreme values in mathematics and quantum and wave physics" 1of3
Lecturer: Sir Michael Berry (HH Wills Physics Laboratory, Bristol, UK)
Abstract: Functions can exhibit structures much smaller that their finest Fourier components, in ways that are not only mathematically interesting but have implications in several areas of science, ranging from optics and quantum physics to signal processing. The lectures will include some or all of the following topics: Basics, shifted fourier transforms, phase–space interpretations (Wigner and Husimi functions), optical singularities (‘vorticulture’), supershifts in weak measurements, superoscillation statistics (in optical fields, backflow, Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations), quantum supershifts, sensitivity to noise, Goos-Hänchen and related shifts, proagation of superoscillations, radar superdirectivity and optical superresolution.

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