Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Lecture 1 of 18

May 29, 2012 by Ennio Gozzi

E. Gozzi, ICTP

The course on Relativstic Quantum Mechanics consists of about 20 lectures which are divided into two parts. In the course of the lecture, there will be about 4-5 tutorials. The tutorials are to be taught by another person in a friendly, informal setting. I encourage you to use the opportunity to seek clarifications on areas that are not clear to you in the main lectures. Of course, even during the main lectures, you are encouraged to halt the lecturer and ask questions.

The first part of the course is a quick review of Special Relativity and is designed to prepare you for more advanced concepts to be met later in the course. The material for this part is taken from several books, such as:

1. Special Relativity from Einstein to Strings by Schwarz and Schwarz

2. Mechanics - Berkely Physics Course Volume 1 by Kittel et al

3. The Classical Theory of Fields by Landau and Lifsitz

The second part of the course is on Relativisitc Quantum Mechanics (RQM). For this part of the course, we will rather stick to the textbook - 'Relativstic Quantum Mechanics'; Wave Equations by Greiner

It should be noted that hard copies of the textbooks are available in the library, and it is also possible to obtain electronic (pdf) copy of the some of the books from the library as well. Please speak directly to the library personnel.

Below you will find summary of the topics to be covered, video recordings** of the course (topic by topic) and other useful contents, hopefully!

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