Statistical Mechanics Lecture 11 of 29

April 19, 2012 by Antonello Scardicchio

A. Scardicchio, ICTP

This lesson starts by recalling the main problems that the students had in the previous test. It was emphasized that the internal energy and the entropy are state functions so it variation depends only on the initial and final state.

Then a new topic was introduced probability, the text book for the next 5 lessons will be Probability Theory for Statistical Methods a preview of this book can be find in Google books. Two examples were considered to illustrate the definition of probability the throw of a coin or a dice considering several possibilities as the inclusion of more coins or dices, here emphasis was made in the definition of mutually exclusive events . The binomial coefficients were introduced with the help of the probability to find in a experiment were one coin is thrown n times we have k heads and m tails. Then this was generalized for the cases were there are more than two possibilities the multinomial coefficients. Finally it was considered the relative or marginal probability as the probability of event X knowing that the event Y already occurs.


Probability Theory for Statistical Methods (Preview)

<span class="fn"><span dir="ltr">Probability Theory for Statistical Methods</span></span>

Probability & Statistical Concepts:an Introduction

Probability & Statistical Concepts:an Introduction

A Course in Probability Theory

A Course in Probability Theory

Calculate the probability that trowing two dices the sum of the numbers is 2,3,4,....,12?

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